• Enrollment Fees

    Through K-4 $125.00
    K5 $300.00
    1ST-6TH $350.00
    5TH-12TH $400.00

    *Take $50 off enrollment fee for each child if you bring in 3 reams of plain white copy paper per child.

  • Tuition

    1 CHILD $4,500.00
    2 CHILDREN $7,200.00
    3 CHILDREN $8,500.00
    4 CHILDREN (or more) $9,300.00

    We offer a 5% discount on tuition if you enroll before June 15 and are paying monthly.  We offer a 7% discount on tuition if you enroll and pay in full by June 15.

    We also offer a 5% discount to our alumni.



Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, we offered a new student referral incentive program. This program awards a current MOCS family with a $500.00 tuition credit for each new family that the current family refers to MOCS. The new family must actually enroll and attend MOCS for the upcoming school year. All current families who are paying full tuition are eligible to participate in the program.

If you are paying monthly, the credit will be added to your account on December 15, 2018. If you pay in full, you will receive an incentive reward check at that time.

This student referral program is limited to the referral of brand new students, and the incentive is good for one year. After the referred student as been enrolled for a complete school year, the incentive earned for that new family is no longer valid.

Next Steps...

To find out more information, schedule a tour or get your child enrolled, contact us here.